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The quality of our products and services is critical also to your success. For this reason we have integrated suitable quality and safety checks into our processes. Our in-house auditors look closely at all parts procured or made by us and the related processes in line with your requirements.

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Consistent standards and continuous improvement

This also goes for products for the commercial vehicle industry, safety parts for the construction of mines or tunnels or parts for materials handling, warehousing or railway vehicle systems: High quality standards, regular certifications and direct contact with our customers ensure constant quality on all levels.

For example, we perform tensile tests also with your products to uncover new options.

Constant efforts of improving our quality even further have top priority. Therefore, our work is based on applicable norms and individual requirements.

The quality concept extends far beyond consultation, traceability and delivery in time. The application of the QM system according to ISO 9001:2008 makes a major contribution to meeting your requirements.